Join us for these exciting events and programs: 

  • Join us throughout the semester for our new Move More initiative! In partnership with Health4U, Recreational Sports and Fitness Services, we're helping students, faculty and staff to get moving.
  • The Peer Body Project is a free on-campus workshop designed for undergraduate students with body image concerns who are affected by feminine standards of beauty. The project offers strategies for young women to improve body image and challenge cultural standards of beauty. 
Hands together in unity

Health Promotion aims to challenge the health attitudes, behaviors, and perceptions of the MSU community through education, environmental management, and harm reduction efforts so students are able to pursue personal and academic goals. As part of Student Health & Wellness, we offer an array of campus, classroom, and individualized educational programs, campaigns, and other strategies.

To guide our work, the Health Promotion Department has adopted the following Inter-Association Definition of Well-Being: 

"We define well-being as an optimal and dynamic state that allows people to achieve their full potential"

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